JP Eiko Ishibashi – The Dream My Bones Dream Struggle For Pride – We Struggle For All Our Pride Hitsujibungaku – Wakamono Tachi Keiji Haino & Sumac – American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways You’re Too Hideous To Look At Head On Eartaker – Harmonics Quruli – Songline Palm – To Live Is To […]

“Kuroko” is the first song off of the debut record by A/N【eɪ-ɛn】, a new collective featuring Takeshi and Atsuo of acclaimed rock behemoths Boris, and Seiichirou Morikawa and Shinji Kuroki of underground legends Z.O.A. First, some context. Z.O.A was formed in 1984 by Morikawa and played a combination of post-punk, industrial/noise and hardcore, with a […]

Nagoya post-rockers Ulm released their first EP, after dark, earlier this summer. While clearly influenced by the likes of MONO and World’s End Girlfriend, the band also has a distinctive metal foundation in their sound. There is a bleakness and “blackness” that runs throughout the music that evokes bands more like Jesu and Vampilia, and […]

One of the first things apparent on MONO’s latest track are the drums. Courtesy of new drummer Dahm Majuri Cipolla, the pounding sounds are big, beefy and heavy. Cipolla replaces original drummer Yasunori Takada, who abruptly left the band after an 18 year tenure. After the seeingly career-defining magnum opus, Requiem For Hell, the first […]

After a very public incident of changing the song’s credited artist from “X JAPAN feat. HYDE” to “YOSHIKI feat. HYDE,” the ever ambitious drummer and X JAPAN spokesman has revealed his latest opus. Serving as the opening theme to acclaimed anime series Attack On Titan, “Red Swan” features all the operatic sweeps and epic qualities […]

When American musician Scott Murphy first came to Japan in 2001, he could only say a few phrases in Japanese. “I learned how to say little things on stage, like みんな、楽しんでる? (Minna tanoshinderu, ‘Are you guys all having a good time?’)” he says. “When you say it on stage the kids just go crazy. So […]

Young acts like Yogee New Waves, Never Young Beach and DYGL are bringing feel-good vibes, but for something more moody check out The Novembers at the Red Marquee on Sunday, or the haunting post-rock combination of Jun Togawa with Vampilia. And don’t forget to see reformed shoegaze legends Slowdive on Sunday. Catch Nengu on the […]

When you’re an independent rock band, maintaining a do-it-yourself ethic long-term can be difficult. Many acts eventually have to scale back, and dreams of a musical career turn into the reality of having a really cool hobby. Uhnellys, however, have kept up the fight. “I see other bands our age and I can’t help but […]

Halfway through my conversation with Atsuo, drummer and spokesman for drone metal trio Boris, I bring out an original CD copy of the group’s 1996 release, “Absolutego.” “This sure brings back memories,” he says, looking at his band’s self-released debut. The record is, in a way, relevant to the group’s latest release, “Dear,” because depending […]

“Standing against those that ruin art,” was the tagline for the After Hours festival, which took place across four venues in Shibuya on April 9. The sponsor-free event, curated by the bands Mono, Downy and Envy, featured more than 30 artists from a wide range of backgrounds and genres, coming together to provide an antithesis […]