Monthly Archives: April 2013

Momoiro Clover Z Gets Rebooted in the “5th Dimension”

“Evolution” is the key word the management for Momoiro Clover Z are using to describe the group’s new album, 5th Dimension. But the sophomore record feels more like a soft-reboot than a sequel to the group’s debut, Battle & Romance. If that record was Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, then 5th Dimension is more like The Amazing […]

Melt-Banana Plow Through Into The Future

Melt-Banana played a show at Roppongi’s Super Deluxe at the end of last month. I managed to swing by to catch their set, which was a bill that also included Kyoto’s Limited Express (has gone?), Tokyo locals Milla and the Geeks, and American band Moon Duo. Anyone with an interest in Japanese indie rock will have […]