Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Japan Times: Lemon’s Chair Interview

I interviewed Masashi Imanishi of Lemon’s Chair about the Japan Shoegazer Festival for The Japan Times.

The Guardian: Perfume – “1mm”

I wrote about Perfume’s new song “1mm” for The Guardian’s New Music From Around The World guest blog series:

Interview: Melt-Banana

A couple weeks ago, Ian Martin and I interviewed Yako and Agata of Melt-Banana before they played a show at O-Nest in Shibuya.  The interview was featured in an article Ian did for The Japan Times last week – probably one of the most extensive and informative pieces written on the band ever.  Due to limited space […]

Perfume and Yasutaka Nakata Get Ready for “Level 3”

The last two albums producer/songwriter Yasutaka Nakata made with his group Capsule were drenched in electro and EDM, with tracks designed specifically for the purpose of DJing (the former, World of Fantasy, has the same BPM of 128 throughout the entire album). The tracks segued into each other, each with pulsating, powerful four-on-the-floor beats with […]

Guardian Addendum: Melt-Banana, “The Hive”

On this week’s “New Music From Around The World” on The Guardian, I introduced a track off of Melt-Banana’s new album Fetch called “The Hive”.  The track is indeed excellent, particularly the heavily-processed sounding mid-section, which in some ways is a sound we’ve never really heard from the band before.  It’s bookended by the hyper-kinetic […]

The Guardian: Melt-Banana – “The Hive”

I wrote about Melt-Banana for The Guardian’s New Music From Around The World guest blog series: