Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Japan Times: The fin. tries to break through borders with its ‘Through the Deep’ EP

For the members of The fin., being a Japanese rock band isn’t easy. Ever since its inception, the four members say they have felt a sense of being on the outside of an industry that rarely embraces those who challenge established conventions. Even after garnering attention two years ago with debut EP “Glowing On the […]

The Japan Times: Shonen Knife heads out on a new ‘Adventure’

Upon being reminded that this year marks rock band Shonen Knife’s 35th anniversary, singer and guitarist Naoko Yamano just smiles and shrugs. “It has been so many years now, I can’t keep count,” she says with a laugh. “Fixating on anniversaries isn’t very rock ‘n’ roll, so I try not to. We made short-term plans, […]

The Japan Times: Rock act Boris and noise musician Merzbow attempt an interactive experiment on ‘Gensho’

The Japanese word gō’on can be rendered in English as a “roaring sound.” It’s often used to describe the loud levels of volume at a concert, which typically hit around 120 decibels. When rock trio Boris and noise musician Merzbow performed at the 300-capacity Shindaita Fever venue in Tokyo last year in November, however, the volume reportedly […]