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The Japan Times: Ogre You Asshole flirts with tension on latest album

The members of Ogre You Asshole are bracing for something. At least, that’s what the title of their seventh album, “Handoru o Hanasu Mae Ni” (“Before Letting Go of the Handle”) suggests. (The album’s official English title is the less tense “Everythingsomethingnothing.”) “It’s not really an emotional state, like dread or excitement, but just the […]

The Japan Times: Yoshiki prepares for classical tour amid a new appreciation for his legacy

Not many musicians are able to say that they’ve taken the stage at both New York City’s Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall, two of the most prestigious venues in rock and classical music, respectively. Drummer, pianist and songwriter Yoshiki Hayashi, however, is stepping up to take claim of that title. “At this point, I […]