Song of the Day: YOSHIKI feat. HYDE – “Red Swan”

After a very public incident of changing the song’s credited artist from “X JAPAN feat. HYDE” to “YOSHIKI feat. HYDE,” the ever ambitious drummer and X JAPAN spokesman has revealed his latest opus.

Serving as the opening theme to acclaimed anime series Attack On Titan, “Red Swan” features all the operatic sweeps and epic qualities one would expect from an X JAPAN song. And who are we kidding, the song was obviously originally conceived to be an X JAPAN release, complete with a superb guitar solo that suspiciously sounds like one courtesy of the band’s guitarist SUGIZO. Not that it’s a bad thing.

HYDE of L’arc-en-Ciel does an admirable job serving as a Toshl fill-in, but here he’s more of a guest, letting YOSHIKI’s sonic flourishes and motifs take center stage. Echoing latter day, post-reunion tracks like “Jade” and “Born To Be Free,” the song sits comfortably alongside the rest of the X JAPAN canon, regardless of who it’s been credited to.

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