Monthly Archives: November 2018

Song of the Day: A/N【eɪ-ɛn】- Kuroko

“Kuroko” is the first song off of the debut record by A/N【eɪ-ɛn】, a new collective featuring Takeshi and Atsuo of acclaimed rock behemoths Boris, and Seiichirou Morikawa and Shinji Kuroki of underground legends Z.O.A. First, some context. Z.O.A was formed in 1984 by Morikawa and played a combination of post-punk, industrial/noise and hardcore, with a […]

Song of the Day: Ulm – “Flood of Light”

Nagoya post-rockers Ulm released their first EP, after dark, earlier this summer. While clearly influenced by the likes of MONO and World’s End Girlfriend, the band also has a distinctive metal foundation in their sound. There is a bleakness and “blackness” that runs throughout the music that evokes bands more like Jesu and Vampilia, and […]