Song of the Day: A/N【eɪ-ɛn】- Kuroko

“Kuroko” is the first song off of the debut record by A/N【eɪ-ɛn】, a new collective featuring Takeshi and Atsuo of acclaimed rock behemoths Boris, and Seiichirou Morikawa and Shinji Kuroki of underground legends Z.O.A.

First, some context. Z.O.A was formed in 1984 by Morikawa and played a combination of post-punk, industrial/noise and hardcore, with a stage presence combining peculiar goth/glam-ish makeup and Morikawa’s violent vocal and physical delivery. But rather than explaining it, it’s better to check out this footage of them from 1991 instead:

After Z.O.A went on hiatus in 1992, Morikawa formed the band Chi To Shizuku and started his own label, Grand Fish/Lab. A sub-label of Disk Union’s DIW Products, Grand Fish/Lab is also known for releasing records by other great Japanese bands like BACTERIA and ASYLUM.

Boris of course, are one of the most well-known heavy bands from Japan, touring consistently around the world for the last 20+ years. Combining sounds of sludge, noise, psych-rock, shoegaze, drone, folk, etc., they are one of the most versatile and diverse bands to come out of the underground scene.

What makes A/N interesting is that it sounds like the perfect fusion of the two bands’ styles, and then some. The two Boris members bring the sheer sonic, physical and atmospheric power (propelled by their wall of Sunn amps and electronics) while the Z.O.A members bring a neurotic and violent energy through Morikawa’s vocal presence and Kuroki’s frantic yet precise guitar playing. Combined with a strong conceptual line running throughout rooted in film, theater and visual art, the groundwork is laid for a much more bleaker and disturbing atmosphere than either of the two bands offer one their own.

The band seem adamant about moving forward with this project aggressively, so hopefully we will see more releases and shows from this new collective.

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