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The Japan Times: Star Wars Fandom in Japan

It’s become a bit of trivia among “Star Wars” fans that creator George Lucas allegedly took inspiration from both the term jidai geki (historical drama) when creating the word “jedi” and Akira Kurosawa’s film “The Hidden Fortress.” Those aren’t the only Japanese references in the series; from Darth Vader’syoroi-inspired helmet to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Toshiro Mifune-esque […]

The Japan Times: Inoran (Luna Sea) Interview

Kiyonobu Inoue, more commonly known as Inoran, is a very busy man. Aside from his day job, in which he plays to sold out arenas as a guitarist for rock band Luna Sea, he juggles being a producer, playing in a handful of other projects and managing a solo career. He admits life wasn’t always […]

The Japan Times: Pirokalpin Interview

Getting signed to a major label is a goal many bands aspire to, but what happens when your contract ends halfway through the making of your sophomore LP? You start your own label and put it out yourself. That is what guitar pop band Pirokalpin did with its new album, “A New Philosophy.” Released through […]

Red Bull Studios: Lite Interview

After an appearance at SXSW and their first US East Coast tour as headliners, Japanese instrumental post-rock band Lite released a new EP, ‘Approaches 4’, as a free download. The six track EP consists of live sessions conducted at the newly opened Red Bull Studios Tokyo back, which was also broadcast live via webstream. With […]

Red Bull Studios: LITEインタビュー

4人組インストルメンタルロック・バンドLITEが、3月にRed Bull Studios Tokyoで行ったスタジオライブを無料配信音源『APPROACHES 4』として発表した。期間限定(2015年 5月19日 22:30 – 6月30日)の音源は未発表の新曲「Balloon」を含む全6曲。常に前へ走り続ける彼らは今回の音源のリリース記念として、6月に東京・大阪でのワンマンと、その後8月にはパリとロンドンでワンマン公演を行うことを発表。 そんな多方面でますます活動を極めて行く彼らに話を伺った。ギターの武田信幸とギター・シンセの楠本構造をRed Bull Japanのオフィスに迎え、スタジオライブ、アメリカツアー、そして6月から予定されているワンマンツアーについて語ってもらった。 Red Bull Studiosのホームページにて掲載。

The Japan Times: Takaakira “Taka” Goto (Mono) Interview

Tracks such as “Till the Night Comes,” an uplifting ballad that suddenly gains a kinetic energy with a riveting, goosebumps-inducing violin midway through, and “Uka — Tenshi no Ibuki” (“Emergence — The Breath of an Angel”), a drumless ambient track making use of a reverse delay, are both highlights that effectively employ extensive looping and […]

The Japan Times: Awesome City Club Interview

Despite this, the band ultimately chose to release its album via a major label, a decision that came from feelings of inadequacy that the band wasn’t capable of creating a salable product on its own. Matsuzaka says the band’s process hasn’t changed much, but it does have access to more money. In fact, instead of […]

The Japan Times: CQ Interview

Check out my interview with CQ, a band featuring former members of Tokyo Shoegazer, Honeydip, and Plastic Tree. Read it in The Japan Times.

The Japan Times: Negoto Interview

My interview with pop-rock outfit Negoto’s Sachiko Aoyama about their new album, “Vision.” Read it at The Japan Times website.

The Japan Times: Ningen Isu Interview

Here’s an interview I did with Ningen Isu, the “Japanese Black Sabbath,” for the Japan Times.