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The Japan Times: The Best Japanese Albums of 2014 So Far

The Japan Times asked me to pick my favorite Japanese album of 2014 so far. I picked Boris’s new album, “Noise.”

The Japan Times: Marty Friedman – “Inferno” Review

I reviewed former Cacophony and Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman’s new solo album, “Inferno,” for the Japan Times. Check it out here:

The Japan Times: Best Albums of 2013

I was asked to select the best Japanese albums I heard in 2013 for The Japan Times. Picks include Church of Misery, Capsule, BP., and Supercell.

Perfume and Yasutaka Nakata Get Ready for “Level 3”

The last two albums producer/songwriter Yasutaka Nakata made with his group Capsule were drenched in electro and EDM, with tracks designed specifically for the purpose of DJing (the former, World of Fantasy, has the same BPM of 128 throughout the entire album). The tracks segued into each other, each with pulsating, powerful four-on-the-floor beats with […]

Best of 2013 (So Far?)

Now that we’ve entered the second half of 2013, it’s only natural and cliché to create a “best of 2013 so far” list to reflect on some music releases that have stood out over the past six months (and to make things a bit easier for when I go back and cover the whole year at […]

“Yellow Loveless” and Japan’s Shoegaze Obsession

As I’m writing this I’m listening to the new My Bloody Valentine tribute album, Yellow Loveless – Japan –, a compilation of Japanese indie rock bands, each covering a track from My Bloody Valentine’s seminal Loveless. The timing of this release is no accident; My Bloody Valentine are set to play several shows in Japan […]